And they lived snack-ily ever after…

To our dear friends- the readers:

Could it be? Is this some sort of trickery?? I insist; this is the real deal- we’re back! After a year-long hiatus, Lauren and I are recommitting to the (cuisin)art of food blogging (and iffy-at-best puns)! We’re sorry it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted, but, boy-oh-boy, do we have some updates in store for you…

Regarding matters of personal interest, you may be pleased to know that Lauren and I were married in February of 2018 right here in SRQ at the Edson Keith Mansion! And, wouldn’t you know it, our friends from Peachey’s Baking Company (@TheAmishBakingCompany) were sweet (and savory) enough to provide our wedding guests with after-party snacks by way of their legendary donuts and pretzels!

Our photographer, Katelyn Prisco (; @katelynpriscophotography) managed to capture some amazing moments during our big day, including the tastefully titled, “Under the Light of the Food Truck” (alt. title:¬† “Life is Peachey”) photo featured above. Katelyn also snagged this sudsy little gem of a pic (“A Splash of Veuve?”)!

A Splash of Veuve Following the wedding, we closed on our forever home near Siesta Key!

Needless to say, it has been a busy year. However, wedged almost imperceptibly between unending smiles, family time, champagne sips, honeymoon flights, South American glacial hikes, title transfers, name changes, endless legalese, a thousand-thousand signatures/initials, and a cozy new home are the humble beginnings of some of our favorite new SRQuisine posts!

So stay tuned because we have a veritable bevy of locally-sourced and inspired tales to sling your way and whet your little appetitos in the coming weeks. True to form, we’re it for the sights, sounds, and tastes of Sarasota, and we can’t wait to share some fresh snack secrets with you!

Very Truly Yours,

Mr. and Mrs. SRQuisine