And they lived snack-ily ever after…

To our dear friends- the readers:

Could it be? Is this some sort of trickery?? I insist; this is the real deal- we’re back! After a year-long hiatus, Lauren and I are recommitting to the (cuisin)art of food blogging (and iffy-at-best puns)! We’re sorry it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted, but, boy-oh-boy, do we have some updates in store for you…

Regarding matters of personal interest, you may be pleased to know that Lauren and I were married in February of 2018 right here in SRQ at the Edson Keith Mansion! And, wouldn’t you know it, our friends from Peachey’s Baking Company (@TheAmishBakingCompany) were sweet (and savory) enough to provide our wedding guests with after-party snacks by way of their legendary donuts and pretzels!

Our photographer, Katelyn Prisco (; @katelynpriscophotography) managed to capture some amazing moments during our big day, including the tastefully titled, “Under the Light of the Food Truck” (alt. title:  “Life is Peachey”) photo featured above. Katelyn also snagged this sudsy little gem of a pic (“A Splash of Veuve?”)!

A Splash of Veuve Following the wedding, we closed on our forever home near Siesta Key!

Needless to say, it has been a busy year. However, wedged almost imperceptibly between unending smiles, family time, champagne sips, honeymoon flights, South American glacial hikes, title transfers, name changes, endless legalese, a thousand-thousand signatures/initials, and a cozy new home are the humble beginnings of some of our favorite new SRQuisine posts!

So stay tuned because we have a veritable bevy of locally-sourced and inspired tales to sling your way and whet your little appetitos in the coming weeks. True to form, we’re it for the sights, sounds, and tastes of Sarasota, and we can’t wait to share some fresh snack secrets with you!

Very Truly Yours,

Mr. and Mrs. SRQuisine

Totally Going NUTS for DONUTS!

The Amish Baking Co. knows dough, yo.

We are not joking or exaggerating when we say the donuts from The Amish Baking Co. will change your life. They will. It’s an understatement to say we’ve had our fair share of specialty donuts from awesome little donut shops that seem to be popping up everywhere. But ABC’s are simply the best! They are piping hot, fresh, sticky, and truly melt in your mouth. Curiously large, though neither for the sake of novelty or pretension, these sweet, buttery rings of dough come hot off the presses, still-dripping with dipped glaze. I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah- I’ve eaten Krispy Kreme donuts, bro. I know all about fresh donies…” If that’s where your mindset is, well then, by all means, more for you. These donuts are in a league all their own, so give them a try. But don’t do it for our sake; your taste buds will thank you!

Still not convinced? Or maybe you flat out don’t like donuts (heathens…)? Well, what if we told you that ABC also has the best soft pretzels in town? Or maybe the universe. They are incredible and remind the chewer of a simpler time when all the world’s woes could be settled through gifts of pretzeled bread. I eat them and often think of a pre-corporate Auntie Anne, in her college days (when she was just “Anne” to her friends, and not so focused on profit) toiling away in her kitchen, striving simply to make the best soft pretzel she could. Then I picture her, now in her 70’s or 80’s, strolling through Sarasota, wearing large sunglasses and a kerchief round her head, and she stops at this humble ABC baking cart. There’s something so familiar about the smell that wafted by…Suddenly, a warm soft-pretzel catches her eye. She asks for one, and takes a bite. A single tear strolls gently down her cheek, and she remembers those formative baking years, her lost loves, and why she began baking pretzels in the first place. Yes; these pretzels are that good. Talk about melting in your mouth. Buttery, salty goodness! Are you laughing? Hope so, because we couldn’t type this with a straight face. Sometimes Eric gets carried away.

But anyway, when we say life changing. They are. Go now! The Amish Baking Co. food truck is always at the Central Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, and the Phillipi Creek Farmhouse Market on Wednesday mornings. They also pop up randomly around town at various festivals and events. Find them by following their Instagram account @theamishbakingco or by visiting their website: We promise you will not be disappointed. Amish 2 donuts.jpg



Polpo Pop-up Pizza Packs Peppered Punch

Not your average pie!

SRQ’s own Polpo Pizza scored big points this week. We’ve been on the hunt for delicious pizza since moving down to Sarasota, and have only had a few note-worthy pies and slices (details to come). Polpo is a food truck that pops up around town at different restaurants, festivals, private events, and farmer’s markets,  etc. The truck is typically located at Mandeville Beer Garden on Lemon Avenue downtown Sarasota on Tuesday nights for Trivia, as well as the Phillippi Creek Farmhouse Market off 41 south Sarasota on Wednesday afternoons, which is where we spotted the truck and couldn’t resist. We had the “Spicy Margherita” pie (pictured). The peppers were zingy and salty, which added a unique flavor to an otherwise scrumptous pie! Their other pies sound delicious too, especially their signature “Bee Sting” which features calabrese and hot pepper honey.. yum!

Lauren studied abroad in Italy where her love affair with pizza began. She swears that the crust is how you tell a delicious pizza from a mediocre pizza. Eric is a toppings guy. Both of us agreed that the toppings and the crust were excellent! We will definitely be following Polpo’s around to get our hands on more of these pies.

For more information about Polpo’s Pizza Co., visit their website at Also, be sure to check out the Phillippi Creek Farmhouse Market, filled with many more food trucks and produce stands, at