This Spud’s for You!- A National Fry-day Exclusive


7/13/2018:  Nation Fry Day

A day that will forever be remembered throughout this great nation, and right here along Florida’s Gulf Coast, as having been loaded with the sights, smells, and tastes of a thousand-thousand different and exotic starches. The smell of back-country peanut oils and decadent duck fats wafted through the night sky and tickled out nostrils playfully, beckoning us to the nearest purveyor of fine local fries. We let our sniffers do the walking and found ourselves eye-to-eye with Veronica’s Fish and Oyster Bar (@veronicasfishandoyster,

Drum-roll please… we ate their french fries. The “Veronica Fries”- hand cut and served with malt vinegar aioli- to be exact. Crunchy on the outside, salty and light on the inside, and the malt vinegar aioli was truly sauce-sational (see what we did there??). A delicious fry, but can you really go wrong? We seized the night with one mission in mind:  explore Sarasota’s premier french fry scene on this FRY-YAY. And, guess what? Mission accomplished.

The rest of their menu, which was full of raw bar and seafood specialties like Tuna Poke, Snapper and Scallop ceviche, and Crispy Oyster Antipasto Salad, sounded fabulous. We will definitely be returning in the near future. Watch out oysters; we’re comin’ for ya next!


And they lived snack-ily ever after…

To our dear friends- the readers:

Could it be? Is this some sort of trickery?? I insist; this is the real deal- we’re back! After a year-long hiatus, Lauren and I are recommitting to the (cuisin)art of food blogging (and iffy-at-best puns)! We’re sorry it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted, but, boy-oh-boy, do we have some updates in store for you…

Regarding matters of personal interest, you may be pleased to know that Lauren and I were married in February of 2018 right here in SRQ at the Edson Keith Mansion! And, wouldn’t you know it, our friends from Peachey’s Baking Company (@TheAmishBakingCompany) were sweet (and savory) enough to provide our wedding guests with after-party snacks by way of their legendary donuts and pretzels!

Our photographer, Katelyn Prisco (; @katelynpriscophotography) managed to capture some amazing moments during our big day, including the tastefully titled, “Under the Light of the Food Truck” (alt. title:  “Life is Peachey”) photo featured above. Katelyn also snagged this sudsy little gem of a pic (“A Splash of Veuve?”)!

A Splash of Veuve Following the wedding, we closed on our forever home near Siesta Key!

Needless to say, it has been a busy year. However, wedged almost imperceptibly between unending smiles, family time, champagne sips, honeymoon flights, South American glacial hikes, title transfers, name changes, endless legalese, a thousand-thousand signatures/initials, and a cozy new home are the humble beginnings of some of our favorite new SRQuisine posts!

So stay tuned because we have a veritable bevy of locally-sourced and inspired tales to sling your way and whet your little appetitos in the coming weeks. True to form, we’re it for the sights, sounds, and tastes of Sarasota, and we can’t wait to share some fresh snack secrets with you!

Very Truly Yours,

Mr. and Mrs. SRQuisine

Another Little Pizza My Heart (National Pizza Day Edition)

National Pizza Day rules… SRQuisine drools (over pizza)

Here at SRQuisine, the term “wood-fired pizza” doesn’t get tossed around lightly. We love everything about those tender slices of dough- from the crust, to the distribution of patches of dark char juxtaposed by globs of creamy buffalo mozzarella, to the smokey hint that curls up and snuggles in on every slice like a little flavor gift for your taste buds! So you can imagine our delight when we realized that it was National Pizza Day! That being said, no ordinary pie would do- the stakes were high, and tonight was meant for something truly special…

After some deliberation, we made the decision to try Baker & Wife, and we were not disappointed! For those unaware, Baker & Wife is located in South Gate, and has a casual “neo-farmhouse-meets-upscale-pizzeria” feel. The menu boasts comfort food, a variety of entrees, and some truly inspired appetizers. We opted for the Slow Roasted Yellow Beets Salad as a starter and it was a real treat. Now, on to the main event.

We tried two pies:  1.) The Quilted Shroom, and 2.) The Diabla Wild Shrimp. Both were every bit as tasty as we’d hoped for. The Quilted Shroom was decorated with bechamel and roasted mushrooms, and blanketed with sheets of prosciutto, while hints of thyme and rosemary delighted the senses. The Diabla Wild Shrimp was best in show. Under the surface of what appeared to be an inland-sea’s-worth of arugula were swarms of pink shrimp, tomatoes, capers, and onions, each waiting for their day in the sun! Red pepper flakes added a tiny punch to eat bite. It was a feast truly befitting National Pizza Day and one that we won’t soon forget!

We’ve had brunch at Baker & Wife in the past and were thoroughly impressed as well. Check it out! Follow them on Instagram @baker_and_wife, or visit the website:

And until this glorious holiday next year… pizza and happiness to you!


Who? What? When? Where? Walts! (Fish Market and Restaurant)

Gone fishin’.

Among a sea of fish camps and markets, waterfront bars, seaside restaurants, and wharf shanties that sell delicious fish tacos, it can be a real chore, and an expensive learning experience, to sort the delicious from the mundane (but we’ll gladly do the research)- the kingfisher from the guppies- when it comes to local fish spots. We are pleased to report that Walt’s Fish Market and Restaurant delivered a strong performance and did not disappoint! For starters, we were treated to complimentary smoked fish spread (some of the best we’ve had locally), and we opted for a lobster bisque and conch chowder as a first course. The bisque was flavorful and familiar with small, but ample, pieces of lobster, while the chowder was spiced and peppery with a rich and flavorful tomato base, and packed to the gills with conch. All delicious. We tried the fried grouper Reuben and the  blackened mullet. The blackened spices were fantastic! We liked the laid back old Florida tiki-hit style ambiance of Walt’s that made us feel like we were on the beach, despite it’s shopping center location.

I think one of our favorite things about moving to the Gulf coast is having such a fresh array of seafood to choose from no matter where we go. On to further research! To read more about Walt’s, check out their website:

Walts Ruben.jpg

Bring on the Buttermilk Baked Goods!

Buttermilk Handcrafted Food is handcrafting our hearts.

Every once in a while, we have a real hankering for a sweet treat (and by “every once in a while”, I mean “I once filled a quart-sized Gatorade bottle with cinnamon roll frosting because I love sweets). Alternatively, we have a crippling weakness for savory biscuits and breakfast sandwiches. To qualify this statement, in 2013, we were issued the honorary title of “Duke and Duchess McMuffin” by a local McDonalds morning shift. Certificates and paper crowns were awarded; it was a real to-do. But I digress. Needless to say, when we happened to hear about the opening of Buttermilk Handcrafted Food via the Sarasota Magazine’s Instagram account, our culinary curiosities were piqued. We made the trip out for a quick stop-over, and we’re so grateful we did! Buttermilk is the perfect blend of savory and sweet, and they happen to specialize in biscuits and cinnamon rolls. And cookies. And pie. And bread pudding. And savory rolls. And coffee. And if you haven’t been there, go now!

Everything was made fresh, and the ambiance is very Joanna Gaines (a personal fave). We recommend the pimento cheese and ham breakfast biscuit and the vanilla oatmeal pie!

This place is so cool they don’t need a website, but check out their Instagram for hours, location, and drools: @buttermilkhandcraftedfood

Best of Brunch: Bacon, Bloody Mary’s, and Brisket!

Breakfast at MADE Restaurant downtown

If you couldn’t tell from our last post, we can’t get enough breakfast. We truly feel that Sarasota is a booming brunch town, and it’s our goal to try it all! One of the best brunches we’ve had thus far is at MADE Restaurant downtown. It’s a modern, Americana-themed, casual restaurant with a touch of class. We started with the Bloody Mary’s, featuring “Billionaire” bacon, which is crispy caramelized bacon that basically tastes like a peppery, smokey, sweet dream. We ordered the “Chicken Fried” which consisted of crispy chicken and peppermilk sausage gravy. Amazing! We also tried the “Brisket” eggs Benedict (pictured) which was hands down one of the best things we’ve ever eaten:  a delightful blend of brisket, “Billionaire” bacon, peppermilk sausage gravy, roasted corn, and chipotle hollandaise. I think we fell in love all over again while eating this meal! There were so many other brunch entrees that sounded incredible- must be why other people speak very highly of the MADE Restaurant brunch. The dinner menu looks excellent as well. Needless to say, we will definitely be back!

Check out to look at their full menu, and make sure to stop by if you’re looking for a fantastic brunch on Main Street!

Breakfast Sensation at the Station!

So many pancakes, so little time.

We are huge fans of Station 400 breakfast and brunch, and have been there quite a few times. We prefer the downtown Sarasota location on Lemon Avenue strictly for ambiance, but there is also a location in Lakewood Ranch. Station 400 is one of the places where we order way too much food. How could you not? The prices are super reasonable, and there are far too many delicious options to choose from; we’ve also had excellent servers with awesome recommendations.

For starters, their mimosa menu is fantastic. They offer at least 4 or 5 seasonal flavors. Lauren’s favorite is the “Elderflower, Cucumber, Lemon” mimosa, and Eric prefers the “Blackberry Bramble.” They make the most delicious, right out of the oven, buttery croissants that are served with fresh jam. You MUST get one! We are also big fans of the “Waffled Sausage” starter, which is basically a breakfast sausage waffle corn dog. How could you go wrong?

When we brunch, our go-to game plan is for one of us to order a sweet entree, and one to order a savory entree, to get the best of both worlds. We are not amateurs. Our favorite savory breakfast at Station 400 is the “Truffle Eggs Benedict” (pictured) because, well, truffle. The “Biscuits and Gravy” on jalapeno cheddar biscuits with chorizo gravy is also obviously fantastic.

We’re big into pancakes and keep going back to the same two pancake entrees because we can’t get enough, though the other options sound super scrumptious. We love the “Cinnamon Roll” pancakes with cream cheese frosting and vanilla maple syrup (pictured), as well as the “Bacon & Salted Caramel” pancakes with the salted caramel drizzle and orange butter. Is your mouth watering yet?

Make sure  Station 400 is one of your breakfast endeavors! For more information, check out their website at or @station400srq on Instagram.