Hi there! We’re Eric and Lauren- an educator and a data analyst by day, and hungry gourmands by night (hint:  eating out is our superpower). We’re just two lovebirds whose wild night out consists of ordering five appetizers and not apologizing. We moved to Sarasota, Florida, in July 2016 and have been eating our way through town ever since. We’ve tried a lot of restaurants since coming to Sarasota; some of which were stumbled upon by happenstance and good fortune, while others came highly recommended from savvy locals. We’re here to share our culinary experiences (the good, the bad, and the tasty) with the Gulf Coast. This isn’t a food blog, and we aren’t connoisseurs or food critics- we just get really excited about food and love making recommendations. Leave a comment if you happen to try anything we’ve recommended, or want to make a recommendation for us. Happy noshing!

Shout out to The Amish Baking Co. for making the world’s best donuts and allowing us to snag a photo in front of their truck!